Three Rivers

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The Three Rivers Estuary that lends the hotel its name is a stunning part of the coastline rich in wildlife.

It's formed by the rivers Taf, Towy, and Gwendraeth, and historically was a major shipping lane - with tonnage being landed upstream in Carmarthen twice that of Cardiff at it's peak in the 1840s.

Ferryside village history offers wild stories about the lifeboat and its rescues and the ferry passage across the estuary which took druids and early travellers documented as early as 1188.

The rivers are now silted up and instead have lent themselves to a range of diverse wildlife - the entire area of Carmarthen Bay is a European Special Area of Conservation.

The area conserved includes sea inlets, tidal rivers, estuaries, mud flats, sand flats, salt marshes, shingle, sea cliffs and islets.  The sand and mud flats support large numbers of molluscs, particularly cockles, and the  bays provide habitat for a great variety of marine invertebrates. One of the main reasons for the conservation listing is the presence in the bay of the twait shad, a migratory fish

The area also provides refuge for a wide variety of waders and wildfowl, as well as herons, ravens, peregrines and kestrels. 


Dine in our restaurant