Wales Coast Path

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Since 2007, the Welsh Government, supported by local authorities and European funding, has spend millions of pounds establishing the Wales Coast Path route - a continuous route around the entire 870 mile coast of Wales.

The Carmarthenshire section is full of great contrasts, taking in in a range of habitats including fresh water marshes, salt marshes, sand dunes, pine forests and coastal commons all supporting a spectacular array of flora and fauna.

The Wales Coast Path website  provides a huge amount of information on the route, giving plenty of recommendations on long and short walks to allow you to explore key sections of the path, and lots of ideas of other things to do along the way.

Whether you're looking to walk the whole length and looking for a stopover, or want to the hotel as a base for exploring sections of the walk, we'd be glad to help fit in with your plans.

Speak to one of our reception team on  01267 267 270.

Dine in our restaurant